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Patient Resources > Miscellaneous Patient Education

Here are a selection of miscellaneous educational handouts. You can find patient education specific to your diagnosis in the Patient Portal. For more information, click here.

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Fevers and Medication Dosages


Sun Safety Tips

Pool Safety Tips

Water Safety Workshop

Safe Sleep Program

Healthy Families Program

Mindful Me Program

Car Seat Safety

Birth to Five Helpline

Food and Shelter Assistance

School Preparedness

Phoenix Children's Hospital Resources

This handout discusses the symptoms and treatments for torticollis (twisted neck) in infants and children.

This handout goes over sun safety tips for infants, children, and the rest of the family - very important in Arizona!

These handouts are in English and Spanish, and cover how to childproof your swimming pool, and pool safety.

This handout covers the Playing It Safe workshop offered by Phoenix Children's Hospital, which provides water safety training and free life jackets.

This handout covers the Safe Sleep Program, which provides free cribs to parents who are financially in need.

This handout covers the Healthy Families Program, which provides free in-home training which focuses on early development, literacy, and school-readiness.

This handout covers the Mindful Me Program, which provides free behavioral health training to reduce stress, increase confidence, and improve family relationships.

This handout covers the car seat safety workshop offered by Phoenix Children's Hospital. Free car seats are provided to families who are in financial need.

This handout is for the Birth to Five Helpline, which gives support for sleep, fussiness, potty training, etc.

This handout lists food and shelter resources, with operators available in both English and Spanish.

This handout covers the school preparedness programs Early Head Start and Head Start, available through the Arizona Head Start Association.

This handout covers the resources provided by Phoenix Children's Hospital, including free helmets for parents in financial need and free water safety kits.

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