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Davina Garcia, IBCLC, RN

About Davina Garcia, IBCLC, RN

Working in a hospital environment has exposed her to the many facets of breastfeeding experiences. She has become familiar with possible breastfeeding challenges and the need to bridge that gap, so that mothers progress and obtain the necessary support to continue reaching their breastfeeding milestones.


She is most proud of her 4 amazing children and husband of 30+ years . Without their patient and loving approval of all the work put into her love for the breastfeeding community, she would not be who she is. In her spare time, Davina enjoys comedy shows, rock concerts, road trips that lead to the ocean, and is a thrill seeker of sorts.

Educational Qualifications

Education: Lactation certificate, UCSD; Registered Nurse, ASN, Gateway Community College.
Board Certified: Yes

Interests: Travel, concerts, comedy clubs, adventures
Family: Married with four children
Office Locations: Goodyear, Glendale, Chandler

Davina received her lactation certification through UC San Diego and became board certified in 2002. There, she taught childbirth and helped with lactation services in both Spanish and English. In 2006, after moving to Goodyear, she pursued her degree in Nursing. Her dedication, love, and passion to help breastfeeding families has remained strong and she has dedicated all of her professional career as a lactation consultant.

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