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Summer Safety

Spending time outside this summer should be a fun experience, but parents should be aware of potential risks that are common during the summer months.

Below are some useful educational handouts on sun safety, pool safety, and the Playing It Safe workshop offered by Phoenix Children's Hospital, which offers free water safety kits to those who complete the workshop.

Download PDF • 684KB
Pool safety
Download PDF • 3.01MB
Pool parties
Download PDF • 2.76MB
Playing it safe water workshop
Download PDF • 668KB

Additional resources and education can be found here. Stay safe, and enjoy the summer!

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Jad Adams
Jad Adams
Dec 06, 2023

As a parent, I'm grateful for the thoughtful considerations of the Pool Renovation company has taken to make swimming pools safer for kids. The incorporation of child-friendly features and strict safety protocols is a testament to their dedication to providing a worry-free aquatic environment.

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