Diane Smith, CPNP

Diane Smith

Undergraduate College and Degree: Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Arizona State University

Graduate Degree: Master of Science in Nursing/Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at Arizona State University

Board Certified: Yes

Interests: Yoga, reading, and traveling

Family: Married to her husband Charlie, and is the proud mom of two adult children, Lindley & Shane

Professional Memberships: Member of the local and national association of pediatric nurse practitioners.

Office Locations: Glendale, Phoenix

1) Favorite quote: Everything happens for a reason.

2) Favorite place to travel: Caribbean.

3) Favorite movie: Sweet Home Alabama.

4) Interests other than medicine: Traveling and reading.

5) Favorite part of your professional day: Interacting with babies and children.

6) One advice to parents: Relax and enjoy your children.