Marianne Johnson

We never knew James was tongue-tied until his 3 year well check since he breastfeed like a pro until 17 months. But we couldn’t understand anything he was saying and it hurt us to see his frustration. Right before his 4th birthday we decided to have Dr. Agrawal complete the tongue tie procedure. Now James is the official spokesman for our family of 6. Loves Loves Loves to talk and be undertstood. Thanks, Dr. Agrawal!

Meagan & Briann

Once again, we are so thankful for Dr. Agarwal and the team at Agave Pediatrics! We had previously seen Dr. Agarwal with our first daughter (poor weight gain, constant nursing, etc.) and he was able to diagnose and remedy her lip and tongue ties as well as be an incredibly kind and helpful doctor. I was really hoping that my second daughter would not have the issues that my first had but once we went to her first doctors visit and discovered she had lost 10% of her birth weight I had a feeling it would be the same.

The day after her doctor’s visit we went to our already scheduled consultation with the amazing Desiree Allison, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, at Arizona Breastfeeding Center who found her tongue and lip ties. I called Agave Pediatrics immediately and was able to get in later that week for a consultation.

Having gone through both procedures before I was not as worried, I knew we were in great hands. Both procedures went excellently and caused minimal pain. The best part was that my daughter was able to transfer double the amount of milk she previously had while breastfeeding. I can’t thank Dr. Agarwal and Agave Pediatrics enough for all their support!

Danielle Escobedo

I wanted to take a minute out to give a small note of hope to mother’s who are currently struggling with breast feeding their children. Please do not give up…your solution could be right here within Agave Pediatrics. Dr. Argawal was a blessing to my son and I. Upon his birth it was obvious that he was unable to latch on correctly and the nurses at the hospital blamed it on us needing more practice together.

My newborn cried for weeks due to being hungry and frustrated because he could not eat properly. I later found out that my son needed two different types of tongue tied procedures which would allow him to latch on better. I was desperate to try anything that would allow my son to be able to nurse properly. I was in so much pain that I myself would have tears rolling down my face from trying to nurse him. We followed through with both procedures and within a month time my son and I were in perfect bliss during nursing.

He is now 6 months old and nursing is as natural to me as it is to him. It allows us to have a beautiful and unimaginable bond. I may not always be the most important thing in his life but for the times he is reaching for me to feed him I am the only thing in his life. Those are memories I will never forget forget for as long as I live.

Brandy Orona

I just wanted to say that Dr. Argawal is amazing!! My son was diagnosed late with a posterior tongue tie. It was so painful for me to breastfeed and my son was on me literally all day long. Something didn’t seem right so I went and saw Debbie Gillespie a lactation consultant and she told me my son had a posterior tongue tie. It was taking him over an hour to get 4oz of milk out of me. No wonder he was on me all day.

She referred me to Dr. Argawal and he gave us treatment options. We opted to get his frenulum cauterized. Dr. A did explain that it is not guaranteed for him to breastfeed successfully. Breastfeeding was very important to me and I really wanted to be successful so we took the chance & even if it didn’t help with breastfeeding the procedure it would help Ethan when he got older. So Ethan had the procedure done at about one month of age. After about 2 months after procedure we were able to successfully breastfeed!! Thank you so so much Dr. Argawal!! You are amazing!!

Bella A.

Breastfeeding offers not only irreplaceable nutrition for your child, but also comfort. That’s something my son and I struggled with for the first seven weeks of his life. While in the hospital I knew something was wrong with my sons’ latch. Something as natural as breastfeeding shouldn’t be painful and almost impossible to do. Nevertheless, the pushy nurses told me that nothing was wrong with my child and I simply did not position him properly. I became so overwhelmed that at one point I considered not breastfeeding at all. Towards the end of my stay I told the last (I had 4 of them pay me a visit) lactation consultant that I was going to exclusively pump because breastfeeding was not an option. That’s exactly what I did for 7 weeks. I rented a hospital grade pump and woke up every 2 hours, pumped, washed bottles, equipment, rinsed and repeat. It was draining. I breastfed Matthew with a nipple shield for comfort sometimes and that was very painful as well.

One day, my soon took to the breast on his own and within a matter of days my nipples bled and the left areola had a big blister. I stopped breastfeeding and decided to contact a lactation consultant. At the first meeting she told me that not only did my son had a tongue and lip tie which prevented him from being able to breastfeed, but his jaw was not properly in place and it caused him to chew which accounted for the blisters.

Within a matter of days I set up an appointment with a chiropractor. Things improved, but I only noticed a big difference after Dr. Rajeev performed the lingual frenectomy. It wasn’t easy to see my baby cry (mostly from getting scared), but it was worth it because I now pump only while at work. We also took care of the lip tie just to be safe, and both my son and I are happy. Because of this procedure, I won’t stop breastfeeding at 12 months as originally planned. I will breastfeed for at least 24 months. Thank you Dr. Rajeev.

Stacy Q.

I have taken both my boys here for almost 7 years now (they were still Desert Ridge Pediatrics), and we still love it there. So much so, I am driving them down from Chandler/Gilbert because I don’t want to switch them.

When I has my second son, he was so early that he had to go on a special formula. Knowing how expensive it was the office gave me weeks sometimes months worth each visit. You can’t go wrong offering help like that in an economy like this.

Yes, sometimes the waits are long BUT there are times when you don’t wait at all. They are a very popular office that takes care of their patients and if they need to spend a little extra time with someone’s child, so be it. I would want the same if my child needed it.

Andrea Hutchison Irving

As a physician, I am extremely particular when seeing a healthcare provider– especially for my sons. My younger son was a 32 week preemie and we had nursing challenges from the get-go. Once a colleague confirmed my suspicions about a tongue and lip tie, she suggested we take him to see Dr. Agarwal ASAP to have it corrected. What a difference! Not only were Dr. Agarwal and his staff courteous and professional, they treated my then 3 month old (1 month adjusted) and we are still nursing now at 22 months. My own pediatrician was happy with his continued growth and more normal eating patterns (and my attitude!) when we returned to tell her how things went. We had an all around great experience. Thanks!

Rahul Aggarwal

Hi Rajeev, What an amazing environment & experience! Kids (patients)… and their parents would always remember the pleasant experience in addition to getting your TOP World Class expertise. I am sure all office staff is blessed and happy to work with you and in this office. Awesome ‘Patient Experience’.

Ivan Bautista

Congrats Agave and Dr. Agarwal! Although our son was a difficult case and his revision didnt hold, I still wouldn’t trust my baby with anyone else. The care and compassion shown to us by everyone at Agave was outstanding! Unmatched.

Aimee Nikolin Jeffries

Dr. Agarwal is an incredible doctor. Not only did he correct my son’s tongue tie and lip tie, but was so encouraging to me as I struggle to get my son to latch. After 3 weeks of 2 procedures and meeting with a consultant, we got my son to latch properly and is now solely breastfeeding. He is now 10 weeks and thriving. Could not have done it without Agave Peds!!!!

Anna Krajewski Alexander

Dr. Agarwal fixed my grandson’s tongue tie and made a huge difference in his little life and made breastfeeding so much better!

Chelsea Craigs

Tongue tie is the worst! Dr. Agarwal fixed my son and daughters tie and it made all the different to breastfeeding them! Thank you!!

Kandi Hernandez

Dr. A fixed my daughter tongue tie and we were able to breastfeed much easier and without pain!! I am so grateful for the diagnosis and revision!

Megan McNamee

Thank you Dr. A for saving our breastfeeding relationship! My goal was always to nurse my daughter until 2, but her tongue and lip ties made it quite painful around a year of age. I never realized that I would have problems that late in the game! I am SO glad we did the procedure. Even if your baby is older, it IS possible to have very positive results! Don’t stop searching until you have the answers you need for your family. So grateful for Dr. A and my amazing lactation consultant!

Caryn B.

When my daughter was born, she had a poor nursing latch. It was painful on one side especially. The nurse where she was born suspected tongue tie, but it wasn’t obvious. We continue nursing and I ignored the pain. I tried not to nurse on the “bad” side, because I didn’t want it to hurt. There were nights she didn’t nurse for hours. She couldn’t latch and just cried. When I went back to work, she wouldn’t take a bottle at all or a sippy cup, spoon, medicine dropper, or anything by mouth. At six months, we tried baby food. My husband had some success, but mostly she screamed and pushed the food out of her mouth. At nine months, our pediatrician referred us to an occupational therapist specializing in food related issues. The OT suspected a tongue tie. We weren’t sure of the diagnosis and we asked several trusted medical professionals, who all said there was no tongue tie. Finally at a year old she would put food in her mouth, but not swallow. Instead, the food was pushed back out. We decided to make an appointment with Dr. Agarwal. Our baby girl was diagnosed with a posterior tongue tie and an upper lip tie. He performed a procedure to correct both.

The improvement is amazing! She nursed immediately and I couldn’t even feel it. Within an hour, she was eating solid foods and swallowing! At birth, my daughter weighed 9 lbs 2 oz. At one year, she weighed 17 lbs. A month after the revision, she has gained 3lbs in a months and is now weighing in at over 20lbs. She eats everything and no more pain for mommy.

My husband and I were both really nervous about having a procedure done on our baby. We had to drive 2 hours and I almost backed out. Dr. Agarwal and his staff made us feel so comfortable with the procedure and the results are amazing! We are so thankful to Dr. Agarwal and Agave Pediatrics!

Stacie Weitzel

When my son was born almost 6 months ago, he took to nursing right away. And, just like my other two nursing experiences, I blistered across both my nipples immediately. I pushed through the pain because nursing is the most important thing I can give my son besides my love. Within a few months I began having supply issues – but like my other two experiences, it was “normal.”

I went on Ragelin to help my supply, and it did. But that help came at a price – and I went into a moderate to severe depression entirely created by being on that pill. But then I learned about tongue and lip ties and how they affect your supply. As it turns out, the severe discomfort that I was still experiencing, along with his sheer frustration at the breast, and my supply issues were all related to his tongue and lip ties!

Grateful doesn’t begin to describe what I felt towards Dr. A, and his office. They got me in quickly to get an official diagnosis, which confirmed what I learned, and we scheduled the appointment to remedy this situation 5 days later. From the consult to the procedure my son gained zero ounces. He continued to struggle at the breast, and his frustration was just mounting. If it hadn’t been for this, I would have had to switch to formula the week after I found out about tongue and lip ties simply because I could tell he wasn’t getting enough.

Two weeks after the procedure at the check-up, my son has gained 5 oz, my supply is enough to keep him satisfied, he no longer clicks during feedings, he never pulls away in frustration and on a personal note, it doesn’t hurt to nurse anymore! I have been known to describe breast feeding like this: imagine hooking up battery jumper cables to your nipples and then tugging on it for the duration of your nursing session, every time, every day, for weeks and months on end. As it turns out, that’s not how it is at all!

With his proper latch, I can barely feel him nursing. It is absolutely one of the best feelings in the entire world to know that my body is making what my baby needs in order to grow. I could not have that experience if it weren’t for Doctor A. and his devotion to breastfeeding success. I am forever in his debt.

Vanessa V.

Excellent doctor with incredible bedside manner. Doctor Thomas genuinely cares about your child. She is the only doctor I have ever had call me directly to give me results and discuss care. She remembers all the details from our last appointment and my daughter loves her. I literally went through 7 pediatricians before finding Dr. Thomas and don’t plan on taking my kids anywhere else. The office staff at Agave are also excellent and the office is beautiful. It eill bloe you away when you walk in. I highly recommend Agave and Dr. Thomas!


Shannon Sukung

Dr. Thomas is such an amazing doctor. She is caring and loving and wants nothing but to make sure your child is taken care of. She goes out of her way to give you the best care she can. Weekend calls on her personal time if you need answers to what is wrong with your child. I love this doctor.

Lucy And Laci

My daughter, 17, has had recurring kidney issues. We live in Tucson, and trying to find a PEDIATRIC Nephrologist is like pulling teeth. It finally came down to an urgent need to be seen. He was the ONLY one with a staff that was caring enough to get her in quickly. From stepping into his office, we felt at ease. He has amazing metal artwork up that he himself has painted.

The staff was courteous and professional, but kind as well. And Dr. Agarwal, well, I think that many doctors could take lessons from his approach in dealing with patients. It turned out that the kidney problem was treatable, but the way he explained it to us by drawing it out on paper, made it so much easier to understand. He was wonderful with my daughter and made her feel at ease with jokes, etc. I feel that he was/is worth the drive knowing that he will correctly diagnose my child and explaining it so all may understand. He’s the BEST!

Courtney Giroux

My son was born on Thanksgiving morning 2012. I began having severe pain during breastfeeding within the first week, but knew it was “normal” to have some soreness the first few weeks, so I kept pushing through the pain since I did not know any better & the pain continued to get worse. By the second. week I started to notice my nipples starting to split open and this obviously was alarming, but didn’t know if it was part of the “normal process.” I asked my midwife to look at them at our 2 week appoinmnett. She said it definitely was not supposed to look like that, so she referred me to Lori Isenstadt, IBCLC.

When he was about 3-4 weeks old, I finally made an appt with Lori (should’ve done it right away!). The first thing she did was check his mouth and noticed he had a possible posterior tongue tie. She also examined me & basically said that where I was split open were exposed nerve endings (which explains why it was so so painful!). We worked on a couple things, like latch, first but after a week of TERRIBLE pain & more tears, she said it was time to see a doctor about it.

She referred me to Dr. Agarwal. Of course the time I was trying to get in was the week of Christmas, so I was worried about not being able to get in for a while (pumping was just splitting me open more & even with all the pain I still wanted to nurse my baby!). I shouldn’t have worried – they got me in that week and even was able to fit me in for the procedure that week as well since they knew I wanted to get back to nursing ASAP. T

he NP was kind and was able to diagnose his Posterior Tie right away. Dr. Agarwal was amazing & made me feel very comfortable with how the procedure was goings to be performed – it was over before I knew it! I nursed him right after (this was with around 5 days of only pumping) and had I felt a decrease in pain right away. He had no bleeding at all, had no issues after, and healed great.

I, unfortunately, had so much damage prior that the huge splits were not showing any signs of healing. I went & saw an OB to make sure there wasn’t an underlying infection preventing healing….nope, no infection & he told me he really had no experience with damage with breastfeeding so the only advice he offered was, “you nursed him for 8 weeks, he got enough.” And suggested I may have to quit breastfeeding! I started using a shield in the meantime while along the way hearing about how you can “lose” your nipples or they can “fall” off!

I ended up eventually getting referred to Laurie Jones, MD IBCLC. She was very helpful and took a big weight off my shoulders and told me that I WILL heal! It was still going to take time, but I WILL and I will be able to KEEP BREASTFEEDING! Yay! She did notice he had an upper lip tie as well which was causing his latch to be off so she suggested that it would help to go back to Dr. Agarwal again to have that done as well.

So, about a month later, I was back in his office. Dr. Agarwal was very comforting each time we went to see him – he was very kind and encouraging. He knew how important it was for us to keep breastfeeding. I’m very happy to say that after a long road (close to 6 months!) I finally healed! And my little boy is now 7 months and I am fully weaned from the shield!

I want moms out there to know it is OK to get some help in the beginning of breastfeeding, please see a lactation consultant! Even if it’s just to make sure your latch is looking good, it can make all the difference! There were lactation consultants in the hospital I went to, but they can’t always spend a lot of time with you & tongue/lip ties are not talked about often, and he was never checked for that by the LCs in the hospital.

Had I gone to see someone earlier I could’ve prevented so much pain & suffering. This is something so simple to be fixed, and who knows how many mommas give up nursing because of THIS when they don’t have to! I am very thankful to Dr. Agarwal and his office for his help & that he is able to help other mommas like me! Thank you!

Samantha K.

We had a very difficult time with breastfeeding and after multiple lactation consultant visits and trying just about everything, I was ready to throw in the towel. Finally, we met Debbie Gillespie, a wonderful lactation consultant who recognized that our son Liam had a tongue tie. She recommended that we see Dr. Agarwal. That was when our son, Liam, was almost 8 weeks old.

Now, after Liam has had procedures for both his tongue tie and lip tie with Dr. Agarwal, we are nursing beautifully and we have no plan to stop any time soon. The frenectomy for his tongue tie helped with breastfeeding to some extent. However, the lip tie procedure really seemed to have made a huge difference. All of the pain that I was having quickly resolved and Liam really begain to enjoy breastfeeding. A few days after the procedure, it was like I was nursing a brand new baby!

I recommend the procedures and Dr. A’s expertise to everyone with similar issues. We can’t thank Dr. Agarwal enough!

Kim C.

Dr. A was very personable and took the time to get to know my daughter and our situation. He had our best interest at heart. Tongue tie can be a real problem in a nursing relationship, and is something to be taken seriously.

April Ellis

I just wanted to take a minute to encourage new mothers out there not to give up on breastfeeding! After getting off to a rocky start, baby Kellan and I are now a success story.

He was a great nurser, instantly latching on minutes after birth, but I was surprised that this ”natural” process was so complicated! I quickly developed cracked, bleeding nipples. Baby was taken off the breast for a week so I could heal…I was to pump every 2 hours around the clock. They healed, but as soon as I put him back on they were bleeding again. Nothing helped, nipple shields, creams, a visit from LaLeche league.

Dr. Agarwal discovered he had a tongue tie, so he was sucking too vigorously. Meanwhile, my milk supply was diminishing from only pumping. Dr. Agarwal released his tongue tie, and baby was back on the breast later that day…well, sort of. He didn’t recognize the breast after having bottles for so long. Desperate, I visited a lactation consultant referred to me by Dr. Agarwal’s office. She was wonderful, and after an hour and a half of working with us, he was back on! The first week was rough, I wasn’t sure of myself and he fussed at every feeding. Lots of tears were shed, but I refused to give up!

Fast forward, Kellan is almost three months old now and we are a success story! I pump at work, and exclusively breastfeed the rest of the time. He gladly accepts a bottle, breast and pacifier. Breastfeeding comes easily for some, but not at all for most! Please ladies, hang in there, see a good lactation consultant and be patient, it is SO worth it for the health of your baby.

The Hall Family

THE BEST PEDIATRICIAN YOU COULD WISH FOR! Office is friendly and always available. Dr. A is amazing. Very attentive and excellent at his job. Has the bedside manner most doctors nowadays do not take the time out to do anymore. I have three children that have been in his care for the past 8 years and they love him. Would highly recommend should you be so fortunate to live near by.

Samantha D.

Two weeks after the tongue tie procedure, we went forward with the lip tie procedure with Dr. Agarwal. This was performed one week ago. It has made a HUGE difference! It is like I am nursing a whole new baby! I finally know what nursing should be like! Everything is SO much better!! I want to thank you for all of your help and sticking by me for so long! I’ll be in touch again in the near future.

Melissa Sandberg

I have used Dr. Agarwal since my daughter was born in 2005. He is absolutely THE BEST!! I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Christina Bitzer

The first days with your new baby should be ones filled with love and bonding. For me, they definitely were; there were also tears and a considerable amount of worry. My baby could not nurse. In fact, the pediatrician at the hospital wanted to keep us longer in the hospital due to the feeding issue; although no explanation was given for what the problem was.
Tongue tie. I had never heard of it before having my baby. My husband and I were told by our pediatrician the day after we came home from the hospital that our baby, Marlinn, had a tongue tie. So this was the cause of our baby not nursing (we were needing to spoon feed her expressed milk from the night she was born). I was grateful to know what the problem was, and now we needed a solution. Our pediatrician recommended Dr. Agarwal to us. The next day at our appointment with our lactation consultant, Dr. Agarwal was recommended to us again. We made our appointment for the evaluation just as soon as we could. The process of the procedure was explained very well to us, and the office staff were very helpful and kind. Talk about putting my mind at ease during such a concerning, sleep-deprived time! Since my baby could not nurse effectively–I needed to use a shield, and even then the nursing was more to get her to attempt and bond–I was pumping every 2-3 hours around the clock. I was in pain both emotionally and physically. I was completely exhausted and desperately wanted to be able to breastfeed my baby. It broke my heart to see her unable to nurse. It broke my heart to never see her little tongue because she couldn’t move it. It broke my heart to see my little baby faced with such a significant challenge right from the day she was born.
At two weeks old, Marlinn had the tongue tie procedure done. I cannot say enough how caring Dr. Agarwal was. He explained exactly what would happen during the procedure, and was very kind and gentle with our little angel. He is a very compassionate doctor. He took her away to do the procedure and was back within what felt like only minutes. I could not believe how quickly the procedure was done, and how content our precious baby was! Dr. Agarwal showed us her tongue afterward and discussed aftercare in detail with us. The day after the procedure Marlinn was nursing with the shield, and a week after the procedure she was nursing effectively without the shield.I am reminded now every time I see her stick her tongue out how incredibly grateful I am that we had the procedure done. We have wonderful bonding time and nursing is so easy and painless! Mamas, if you are struggling with breastfeeding due to a tongue tie, struggle no more! You and your family are in wonderful care with Dr. Agarwal.

Meagan & Maggie

We are so thankful for Dr. Agarwal and the team at Agave Pediatrics! After a few weeks of constant nursing and poor weight gain we saw a lactation consultant that quickly found our daughter Maggie’s tongue and lip ties, she was only able to take in 1oz or so at a feeding and constantly fell asleep at the breast, we didn’t realize it was because she was exhausted from working so hard to nurse. The LC gave us Dr. Agarwal’s information; we called right away and were able to get in for a consult that week.

The consultation was great, the video was very informative and Dr. Agarwal was so helpful. The next week we went in for the tongue-tie frenotomy, I was very nervous but it was so quick and the staff was so friendly. A few weeks after that we had the lip-tie frenotomy, I was in a very emotional state as I was still struggling with our breastfeeding relationship, my supply had been greatly compromised from the poor milk transfer and had not recovered, Dr. Agarwal could see how upset I was and took the time to sit down with me and let me know that it will all be okay and that I am doing my very best I can for my baby.

The fact that he took the time to talk to me and be so sweet made such an impact on me – we ended up switching to him as our primary pediatrician and have great experiences every visit. I can’t thank Dr. Agarwal and Agave Pediatrics enough for all their support!

Tenisha Gibbs

Dr. Agarwal is a miracle worker. My son was diagnosed with tongue tie at one week old. We decided to have the procedure done because it was very important to me to be able to breastfeed and give that gift to my son. My son is now five months old and he has been breastfeeding exclusively since he was 1 1/2 months old. Thank you Dr. Agarwal!, without the procedure breast feeding would not have been an option.

Lynn McDonald

Dr. Agarwal is truly an exceptional doctor. We recently were referred to him by our midwife, PCP, and several moms for our son’s tongue tie. He is a doctor that truly cares about the patient and isn’t in a rush during his appointments.

I had my two older children with me and both times we went (my son had a lip tie and a tongue tie) Dr. Agarwal conversed with my children whom he could have simply overlooked since the appointment wasn’t for them. But his bedside manner was so kind and caring that it made me comfortable knowing that not only was he more than qualified to perform the procedure on my newborn, but that he truly cared about his well being and would take an interest in my family. We were not just another appointment to him. At least that is how he came across: genuinely interested in how we were doing.

Another thing, besides great bedside manner, was his genuine desire to help mothers breast feed and his dedication to making it possible. He mentioned that even if he sees a tongue tie in the hospital he is not quick to encourage surgery to fix it. Instead he said that its about functionality. After all, some are able to function with a tie, and others are not. That made me realize his open mindedness to the uniqueness of breast feeding and how it is different for everyone. For me, I knew something was off because I was able to breast feed my older two children for 20 and 30 months, but this third child was unique and Dr. Agarwal recognizes that each baby is different in the way that they breast fed.

Overall, i was impressed at his passion and dedication to breastfeeding even though he, being a male, couldn’t physically relate to my pain. He was understanding of my pain and the lack of function and very encouraging of breast feeding. Wow! What a doctor!

Dr. Jennifer Hensley

After having a horrible time nursing my daughter 3.5 years ago and basically being told there was nothing else that could be done, I just endeared the pain. Even at 14 months, I was still in pain. I was either stubborn or crazy, but I WOULD NOT stop nursing her. So then when my son was born a couple months ago and the same pain started again, I knew something wasn’t right.

With a referral from a good friend who is a La Leche Leader in the Pheonix area (I live in North Carolina), I made the trip with my infant to see Dr. Agarwal!! I can’t believe what a difference it makes in our nursing relationship. I can enjoy nursing, he gets plenty, the blisters are gone, I don’t dread feeding my own child… Life is good! Thank you to Dr. Agarwal and your team!! You guys have literally changed our lives and we are so grateful!!!

Brandy E.

I have four kids and we’ve been with Agave Pediatrics since our first daughter was born. We’ve had quality care and we’ve always been treated with kindness and respect. I wanted to especially point out one of your employees, Scott. He always notices us when we cross his desk on the way to our room and when we’re done and headed his way to make our next appointments. The way he talks to me and my kids and listens to us makes us feel valued and cared about. He makes a difference in our experience at Agave Pediatrics every time we visit and it’s greatly appreciated and noticed!

Mandi Burnham

Our son was tongue-tied and not able to breastfeed well. We were referred to Dr. Agarwal by a lactation specialist in the hospital. The procedure was quick and, although Baby was annoyed when he was brought back to us, he never seemed to be in pain. He now has full movement of his tongue and no longer has a problem breastfeeding! We are so grateful that we had the procedure done soon after birth to avoid more frustration for both Mom and Baby. Thank you, Agave Pediatrics!

Dr. Jennifer Sosnowski

Sean was my second child with tongue tie, and while he was gaining weight fine, breastfeeding was a chore – he often took up to 1.5 hours to feed, and then feel off the breast frequently. When I finally decided to proceed with the frenectomy, I was not expecting to see great results (I did not see a huge difference with my first child).

This time, however, the difference was tremendous! Sean was able to finish eating in under 20 minutes (vs prior 1/5 hours)! And he seemed more satisfied! Discussing the difference with Dr Agarwal, we figured my first child had a lip-tie as well as a tongue tie which complicated the issue! Preventing future dental issues also makes the tongue tie procedure worthwhile! Thanks for making my life so much better, Dr. Agarwal!

Nicole F.

Like many moms, when my son was born I had difficulty breastfeeding him. I saw multiple lactation specialists,talked with my pediatrician, and saw 2 ENTs and could not find any answers. Breastfeeding was extremely painful, I didn\’t produce a lot of milk, and my baby would nurse for hours.

Finally, after 4 months, I saw another lactation consultant who recommended Dr. Agarwal. He was amazing. He was so caring and spent time with us talking and giving me myoptions. He fixed his tongue tie and the next day practically my son was nursing beautifully. I would recommend seeing Dr. Agarwal to anyone. I wanted to switch my pediatrician to him, but he refused because he didn’t want to take other doctors patients! I highly recommend him if you are looking for a pediatrician or need help with breastfeeding. You won’t be disappointed!

Anonymous A.

Dr. Thomas has been treating our daughter since she was born and we are very happy with the time and consideration she gives during each appointment. She listens to our concerns and has a wonderful bedside manner with our little one. She gives us a great deal of good information and we never feel rushed or unheard… A great feeling in a doctors office! Highly recommended doctor and office to treat your little ones.

Mr. Twincredible

My wife and I love Agave Pediatric at Scottsdale Rd. and Mayo. We have been taking them there since their birth and we like all the doctors and PA there and we see Dr. Nicole Thomas the most. She has a good bedside manner and deals with the boys one at a time. They have good appointment setup and they also have Saturday sick appointments too.

Dana K And Audrey

Love Dr. A! Love all the nurses and practitioners! Everyone is so nice and genuinely likes babies and kids. Even the receptionist staff engages your kids while you’re setting up appointments.

Dr. A is VERY pro breastfeeding and his bedside manner is stellar. And we really need that since our 20 month old is very tiny and all other doctors push formula! First doctor I’ve ever found who doesn’t berate a parent for breastfeeding through rough times or for not ‘sleep training’ and instead waiting it out!

Nurse practitioner Britta is another person work mentioning. Between her and Dr. A, my kiddo loves her doctor visits and actually laughs and giggles through the exams!